Pint Night at The Libertine!

Only one more day till the weekend and to get you through that extra push, The Libertine offers pint night every Thursday.  Go in, drink the featured beer and walk out with a token beer glass; a small but meaningful reminder that you still know how to kick it.
Tonight's featured pint is one of my all time favorites, a beer I first tasted at Red Lion Tavern in Los Angeles and will forever associate its flavor with good times and sausage: SPATEN OPTIMATOR.
There's a lot I cherish about this full bodied doppelbock but my most favorite part of Spaten is that its website has an entire section describing the health benefits of consuming beer entitled, "Beer and Your Health".
So to counteract any naysayers, here you have The Good in Beer by Spaten. 
Rich in Vitamins and Good for the Nerves
Beer is rich in important vitamins - most are delivered to you by the beer's yeast. Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 and H contained in beer are food for the nerves: They improve your ability to concentrate, support the production of red blood cells, have a positive effect on your blood circulation and stimulate your metabolism.
Minerals for the Metabolism
A scientific study undertaken at the Technical University of Munich concluded that the collection of minerals and trace elements in beer have a favorable effect on nerves and muscle strength, electrolyte usage, enzyme activation and hormone levels. In addition, iron and copper help blood production, phosphorus supports metabolism and magnesium strengthens the heart muscle. Zinc is necessary for your pancreas' production of insulin and fluoride protects your teeth from cavities. Finally, Maganese also helps in the production of beer's Vitamin B, which is very valuable to the human body.
Beer helps you relax
A hectic lifestyle, stress or problems with your job or family often lead to nervousness and sleeping problems-your blood pressure rises. A glass of beer before going to bed is the "best medicine" against all of that: The hops in beer (with all four important B vitamins) have a calming effect on exhausted nerves and relax your muscles. The small amount of alcohol (4.5 to 5.5%) and the carbonation relax your body. The commentary of the Munich study concludes: "The life expectancy of people who drink beer in moderation is longer than of people who abstain."
The calorie count rises...
Beer is comparably a low-calorie drink. A twelve ounce glass of beer has about 160 calories; only mineral water, coffee and tea (without milk or sugar), skim and butter milk have fewer calories than beer. "Hard drinks", wine, champagne and liqueurs as well as fruit, lemonade and whole milk do not. Additionally, beer, because it has practically no sodium, promotes tissue drainage and sodium expulsion.
Beer gives you momentum
Beer is healthy-sport medicine specialists have also recognized that fact and have drawn uses from it. One example is the two Italian sport doctors Antonelli and Romano who came to the conclusion that a liter of beer a day increases performance, concentration and reaction and strengthens muscles. The American cardiologist Sheehan maintains that after long distance running, jogging, cross country skiing or marathons, beer ideally replaces bodily fluids and energy. The French doctor Gulpin discovered decades ago that beer increases lung capacity and speeds the lung's ability to process oxygen.
Beer in old Age
Doctors and geriatricians have recognized that beer - in addition to all of the previously mentioned health effects - works against the possible breakdown of the aging human body. Also noteworthy is beer's sociological aspects: Beer is cheerful, makes one sociable and makes it easier to make contact and win new friends. In an opinion poll of German general practitioners, 81% were convinced that one or two beers a day could "beautify" retirement.
X Red

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Hallucinatory Hump-Day Happening

Portion of mural by Luke Harnden
Not only can you get a draft at Billiard Bar every Wednesday night for a mere buck twenty-five, you get to listen to the musical genius of DeeJay CeePee as he plays everything from Dusty Springfield to Devo, Nirvana to Nat King Cole, Poison to Philip Glass, Outkast to Of Montreal and beyond, at the one, the only, Hallucinatory Hump-Day Happening!  To make things twice as nice, the legendary Luke Harnden recently finished a mural for Billiard. 
Go check it out!
When: 10pm-2am 
Where: Billiard Bar 
Why: $1.25 Drafts
X Red

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Mextopia's Cheap Eats

In case you've been in a cave for the past year, here's a friendly reminder of Mextopia's daily deals as well as Super Bowl XLV festivities...
  • Saturdays: $5 Sangrias!
  • Sundays: $5 Vampiro Sunday & $10 bottomless Pozole!
  • Mondays: Buy 1 entree get 1 1/2 off!
  • Tuesdays: $2 Taco and Tecates!
  • Wednesdays: 1/2 off a bottle of wine!
  • Anytime you sit at the bar, enjoy Happy Hour prices!
Photo by Laura Petrilla
Super Bowl Sunday go buck wild with Happy Hour all day including:
  • $2 Domestics
  • $2 Shiner Bock Drafts
  • $5 Nachos
Cheers, Red!

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Be Vegetarian for a Day (or just for one FREE meal) at Cafe Brazil!

When Cafe Brazil announced that they're offering TODAY'S guests a FREE VEGETARIAN ENTREE, of course I see it as a "Go vegetarian!" campaign or at least a "Be aware of how DELICIOUS non-meat dishes can be!" campaign.  But I suppose you could see it as an "Eat more veggies!" campaign or the most obvious, "FREE FOOD TODAY".   
Whatever your reasoning may be, go enjoy a scrumptious meatless meal on the house at Cafe Brazil today, Tuesday, January 25th.   And for you must-have-meat eaters, I promise you won't be missing a thing aside from high cholesterol.  Here's your choices:
Vegetarian Omelette; Photo via Cafe Brazil
  • Vegetarian Tacos
  • Vegetarian Migas
  • Veggie Deluxe Sandwich
  • Vegeterian Pasta
  • Vegetarian Omelette
  • Veggie Crepes
Simply go HERE, print out the offer or show it to your server on your smart phone, and proceed to chow down.  While there are ten Cafe Brazil locations you can choose from for this tempting offer, there's only one that's Red Rated & Approved: LOWER GREENVILLE!
X Red

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Only YOU Can Keep Lower Greenville Strong

Right now, YOU have the opportunity to directly impact Lower Greenville's future by SUPPORTING THE LOWER GREENVILLE PLAN that requires businesses to get a permit from the city to operate after midnight.  Last month, the City Plan Commission unanimously approved the Lower Greenville Plan but the job isn't finished.  On Wednesday, January 26, the City Council will hold a public hearing to vote on the plan. 
Whether you're affected by Lower Greenville's current situation or not, the Dallas Police Department testified at the last meeting that a disproportionate amount of their resources are being funneled into the Lower Greenville area each weekend.  Luckily, there's room for change but this measure needs your support.  “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  Let's make Lower Greenville stronger than ever before!
Here's how you can help:
  • Make your support seen by attending the meeting. 
  • Email the City Council and tell them why you want them to vote YES on the Lower Greenville proposal.  Be sure to include your name and address on your email.  
    • You can email Juanita Ortiz, Interim Deputy Chief of Staff,, and she will distribute to ALL City Council members.
  •  Property Owners: turn in your "Reply Form".
Know the facts:
What is being proposed for Lower Greenville?
  • Requiring Lower Greenville businesses to get a permit from the city to operate after midnight.
Why is this being proposed?
  • Lower Greenville has lost its balance: too few restaurants, neighborhood pubs, and merchants open during the day and evening, and too many bars open only late at night. Nearby residents put up with the crime, noise, traffic, litter, and other problems that this over-saturation of problem bars brings to our neighborhood. Taxpayer dollars and city resources are thrown away in a losing battle to keep the area safe and under control late at night. Worst of all, YOU have few places to shop and spend quality time with your friends and neighbors. The retail mix does not reflect the surrounding area’s makeup.
Why not just crack down on the "bad bars"?
  • The legal processes that the city has at its disposal to address this imbalance of businesses are not enough to fix the problem. When the city is successful in auditing a bad bar and persuading a court to close it down, another bad bar just takes its place. The process starts over. This piecemeal approach to enforcement has been tried for years and is never going to fix Lower Greenville. This proposal allows citizens to have input about who is open late at night, and holds bad operators accountable.
Are you trying to shut down Lower Greenville at midnight and close all the bars?
  • No! The goal is simply to bring some balance back to Lower Greenville and reduce the impact of businesses that operate late at night, not close down all bars or eliminate all nightlife. No businesses will be shut down as a result of this proposed permitting process. All businesses may continue to operate until midnight with no permit.
What other changes are envisioned for Lower Greenville?
  • If this permit requirement is approved, the city will spend $1.3 million of 2006 Bond Funds for an extreme makeover for Lower Greenville. Starting NEXT SUMMER, the blocks between Bell and Alta will be repaved with wider sidewalks, street trees, antique lighting with matching trash bins and benches, parallel parking, and improved pedestrian crosswalks. The rest of the street from Belmont to Bryan will be redone in the 2012 Bond Program.
Who supports this proposal?
· Belmont Neighborhood Association
· Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association
· Lowest Greenville West Neighborhood Association
· Hudson Heights Neighborhood Association
· Vickery Place Neighborhood Association
· Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association
· Major property owners
· Business owners
· The Dallas Police Department
· City Councilmembers Hunt and Medrano

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Early Bird Special at Bows and Arrows!

Order your Valentine's flowers this week through Bows and Arrows and get FREE delivery!  

  • Valentine's day is monday February 14!
  • Arrangements starting at $30!
  • $50 minimum for delivery. 
  • Early Bird Special = $15 off delivery.
How to order by phone:
  • Order by phone: 214 828 2697
How to order online:
  • Send an email ( with the following specifications...
  • Your name, phone number and budget.
  • The name, address, phone number of recipient, and delivery date.
  • Bows and Arrows will call you to confirm and get your billing info.
Not quite sure what you're looking for?  Take a peek at these for inspiration, all created by Bows and Arrows. 
X Red

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Music Movie Monday+Live Performances at Good Records

Take the usual Music Movie Monday and amplify it with two live performances.  Kick off the evening at 5pm with an in-store performance by No Joy, also playing later this evening at The Granada with Wavves and Best Coast.  Prepare for a "reverb-heavy effect-laden acid wave" with music from their debut LP "Ghost Blonde".
Next up at 6pm, a live performance from Fences, the distillation of Christopher Mansfield's entire aesthetic.  Fences is also playing later this evening at Trees with Against Me!. 
Fences - Girls With Accents

And after some mingling, enjoy a free flick in honor of Music Movie Monday.  Tonight's featured presentation is Blur: No Distance Left to Run.  This engaging documentary follows Blur during their 2009 reunion and tour and also includes unseen archive footage as well as interviews.  It's a must see for all Blur fans and "may well win Blur fans" says Peter Bradshaw.  

Free admission, free popcorn, free Lone Star.  See you there!
X Red

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Best Coast + Wavves at The Granada

It would be a shame to not share this awesome poster...
by Paul Windle
  • BEST COAST & WAVVES {9:00pm} and No Joy {8:00pm}
  • Mon, January 24 at Granada Theater
  • Tickets HERE

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In-Store Performances at Good Records

Good Records in-store calendar:
TONIGHT!  Thursday January 20 at 8pm - Menekena
"With You I'll Travel" CD Release Party.  It will be dark, candlelit, projections and libations for you to enjoy.
Sunday, January 23 at 7pm - New Science Projects 
Gutterth has assembled an impressive three band bill to celebrate the release of New Science Project's new album "Bikini Salute." Zanzibar Snails will be kicking things off.  The Angelus will be the middle of the sandwich. New Science Projects will be finishing things off. Bon Apetit this fine Sunday evening.

Monday January 24 at 5pm - No Joy
The reverb-heavy effect-laden acid wave of No Joy’s debut LP "Ghost Blonde" on Mexican Summer lands all the punches it needs to. The garage psychedelia of “Hawaii” is a blaring rush of excited pedal-pushing; the brilliantly rambunctious “Still” is so infectious that I’m compelled to create a new toxicity measurement system just to illustrate it. The group doesn’t have much to add to the conversation, but No Joy deserves due credit for taking you back to the first time you ever spun a shoegaze record. It seems clever and fresh again. This will be a great in-store. Catch them later that night with Wavves and Best Coast at the Granada Theater. FREE BEER courtesy of Lone Star Beer.
Monday January 24, 2011 at 6pm - Fences
Christopher Mansfield is Fences. Don't let the brevity of that sentence deceive you; it contains universes. Fences is not merely the recording alias of the Seattle songwriter. It is the distillation of Mansfield's entire aesthetic. "I've tried to take everything in the world that I love, and turn it into this thing that's Fences," says the straightforward 27-year-old. Fences starts with Mansfield's life experience to date, and ends… well, when he says so. Hopefully not for a long time. Because right now, Fences is just coming into its own, with the release of a stunning debut album, entitled, naturally, Fences. Catch Fences with Against Me! later that night at Trees.
& in February...
Tuesday February 8, 2011 at 8pm - The O's
Saturday February 19, 2011 at 3pm - Tapes 'N Tapes

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Pint Night at The Libertine!

Paul with a black sheep
Due to your Guinness Record worthy collection of pint glasses, when Thursday strikes you know the drill: go to The Libertine, order the featured pint, walk away with a logo glass.  Tonight's featured pint comes to us all the way from North Yorkshire in a small market town called Masham that was once heralded for its sheep fair.  Although Black Sheep Brewery was born in the summer of 1992, Paul Theakston's family has been brewing in Masham for six generations, since 1827.  And while Black Sheep has produced a flock of award winning brews, tonight's featured pint, Holy Grail Ale, is their most popular in the US and Canada. 
This ale was specially commissioned to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Monty Python in 1999. Ten years later on the 40th anniversary, Holy Grail is still going strong. With more hops than a killer rabbit, it's a full-flavored golden ale with a distinctively fruity flavor followed by the Black Sheep signature dry finish. Dangerously fruity against a biscuity malty background. You can always taste the difference when an ale has been tempered by burning witches. In this respect Holy Grail certainly doesn’t disappoint with its clean zesty flavor and long crisp bitter finish.
Cheers! Red

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Wednesday's Plan of Attack

Get through today and it's all smooth sailing tonight on Lower Greenville....
Every Wednesday, Billiard Bar hosts a trippy get-together: THE HALLUCINATORY HUMP DAY HAPPENING!  Listen to the sweet sound of DJ CeePee's musical genius while throwing back a soul-warming brew.  Drafts are only $1.25 till 2am and entry  is free.
If you're looking for a cozy pub evening, enjoy $2.50 Texas beer at The Libertine.  If you fancy something sweet, be sure to try their Stout Beer Float ($6) - sure to turn any frown upside down.
If you're too pooped to party and breakfast for dinner sounds like a winner, go to Lower Greenville's Cafe Brazil.  Try today's special, The Cuban Wrap that includes tender sliced turkey and ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla.  Served with french fries and a side of queso.  Yummy.
And for those of you with a song to sing, Winedale Tavern's Open Mic Night has the ultimate stage.  Stop by and a grace the crowd with your finesse.  Singin' starts at 9pm and ends at 2am. 
X Red

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Hump Day Humor

Here's a little something to take the edge off...

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Take a Breather Tonight at Zubar

Go from stressed to carefree jello with one song from CoLab tonight at Zubar.  Live sets ranging from freestyle jam sessions to renditions of hip-hop, R&B, funk and pop songs to originals.  The band consists of Kevin Snearly on guitar, Evan Johnson on bass and JT on drums - all members of local bands Blunt Force Crew, Al Lyric and The Hell Yeahs, and Mo Brown and Company.  Al Lyric hosts the evening with guests including IZK of Blunt Force Crew, Mo brown, Olivia Mojica, Tyrone Smiley and other Zubar musician regulars.  Truly CoLaborative, huh?  
"No cover, drink specials, and funky, hip-hoppy, jammy goodness."
X Red

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Joe Satriani Tonight at The Granada

Show starts at 8 pm.  Buy tickets here.
X Red

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Spring Flings at Bows and Arrows

Image via Bows and Arrows
Bows and Arrows has just announced their decadent array of Spring workshops, each  one different so you can build on your flower power!  Find all of the information below or at their bodacious blog.

"Each class this spring is centered around one seasonal spring bloom! Students will design arrangements using the highlighted class flower along with other shop selections. Every class will be different, so why not sign up for a few…pick your favorites! 
All classes are appropriate for both beginners and advanced designers. You will learn care and conditioning of flowers and design a lush arrangement using seasonal blooms, interesting texture, and other fresh ingredients! And, you go home with an original creation!" 
Materials included, space limited and reservations required. 214.828.2697. See class descriptions below.
WED FEB 9. 6-8PM: ROSES. $125
WED FEB 16. 6-8PM: TULIPS. $125
WED APRIL 20. 6-8PM: SWEET PEA. $150
WED MAY 11. 6-8PM: PEONY. $150

This class will teach students how to use hearty plants in flower arrangements. We will incorporate long lasting favorites such as succulents and tallandsia among other seasonal blooms and interesting textures to create an arrangement that is out of this world!

This class was chosen for the classic romantic. We will be using a traditional Valentine’s favorite, the rose, and making a not so traditional arrangement! Fall in love with the packed petals and light fragrance of the rose…

Once a currency in Holland, the tulip, has become iconic and will never go out of fashion. Tulips have simple modern lines and an ever-changing bloom. Learn some secrets and tips about tulips as you make an arrangement out of this legend.

This class is for the bride-to-be, wedding planner, or anyone with a passion for flowers! Beginners welcome! You will learn how to create personal work for the bridal party: bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages...oh my! we will use seasonal blooms, interesting texture, and other fresh ingredients! and, of course, you go home with a few original creations!

Nature’s Petticoat! One of my all time favorites for that reason! Design a gorgeous, lush, garden sent creation out of the frilly bloom and learn the care and maintenance of this sometimes fickle flower.

This class will teach students how to use hearty plants in flower arrangements. We will incorporate long lasting favorites such as succulents and tallandsia among other seasonal blooms and interesting textures to create an arrangement that is out of this world!

A rare and short-lived treasure of Dallas, flowering branches are pure magic! Watch them develop, change, and reveal their true color right before your eyes! Mix branches into your arrangements to create something woodsy, organic, and thoughtful!

Just like the name, a sweet pea is sweet in smell and demeanor. The oh-so petite blooms are so fragile and delicate, who wouldn’t swoon over its beauty? Use the frills in masses and clusters or separate single stems between other blooms…either way they add a ballerina movement to any arrangement!

Petals, Petals, Petals! The ranunculus has an abundant maze of petals that will put you in a trance! They come in a variety of colors and sizes with a long lasting romantic bloom that continues to open up as you continue to enjoy them! Even the toughest flower critic is a fan.

Everyone’s favorite flower, the peony, does indeed pack a punch! This timeless flaunting beauty makes any arrangement swoon-worthy!

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